turning data into information
                            into shared knowledge
                            into collective wisdom
                            into positive actions
Over the past 10 years my experiences have varied, from being an undergraduate, to a junior logistics officer in the US Army, to a graduate and doctoral student researching community planning and organizing, urban theory, and data-driven action research. One thing that has remained constant, however, is my steadfast belief in connectivity between people and institutions to share understanding and knowledge in an effort to produce better, reasoned, and more equitable outcomes.
Through my interdisciplinary education and project management background, I have both the framework and practical capabilities to foster spaces that are steeped in the production of human capital, focused on the individual while simultaneously improving the greater organization, and produce timely and high-quality results.
I am presently an on-sabbatical PhD student in the University of Cincinnati's School of Planning's Regional Development Planning program, working as a doctoral researcher with Chris Auffrey, PhD on the implications of shifting demographics on Cincinnati's re-emergence as a Midwestern social and economic hub.  The project, 52 Cincinnatis (52C), is in progress.

Upon completing a undergraduate program at Syracuse University in 2011, I was commissioned into the US Army, where I was an Ordnance & Logistics officer for 6 years in both Active and Reserve components. In 2015, I departed the active duty Army to pursue other endeavors, earning a professional certificate in Geospatial Information Systems, followed by a Master of Arts in Community Planning, both from the University of Washington-Tacoma, in 2016 and 2018, respectively.
As a graduate student, I worked as a researcher and program manager on two community oriented projects, the South Sound Alliance (SSA) and Action Mapping Project (AMP).  Both projects were in their infancy at the time of my onboarding, so work involved developing publicly available, data-driven participatory research and analysis, as well as procedures and systems.
Geohistoricity  |  Geodemography |  Neighborhood Demographic Change  |  Patterns of Development  |  Boundaries and Borders |  Networks of Jurisdictions (Centrality, Betweenness, Community)

Community Organizing  |  Participatory Mapping  |  Production of Place  |  Geographic Information Systems

born in nazareth PENN
lives in bountiful, UTAH
misses tacoma WASH


// Doctoral Researcher under Chris Auffrey, PhD Professor of Planning | University of Cincinnati |
/// Current research project is titled Impacting Urban Futures: Demographic Realities and Prospects for Cincinnati's Continued Revitalization and is funded by the Carol Ann & Ralph V Haille / US Bank Foundation.
/// This 2-year research project sought to study and understand the ongoing economic and development trends in Cincinnati, the impacts of policy decisions, and the how these forces change the demographic landscape of the city.
// Assistant (to the) Editor(s) | April 2019 - April 2020 | University of Cincinnati |
/// Provided copy-editing, organizing, standardization assistance to Danilo Palazzo and Vikas Mehta’s Compendium to Public Space (Routledge, forthcoming), a 41-chapter, 55 author monograph concerned with the physical, social, and cultural manifestations of public space in a global context.
// Copy Editor | December 2019 - August 2020 | University of Cincinnati |
/// Provided basic research and copy-editing support to Chris Auffrey and Vikas Mehta, editors of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Wayfinding & Signage for the Winter 2020 edition (Vol 4, Issue 1), Summer 2020 edition (Vol 4, Issue 2), and Winter 2021 edition (Vol 5, Issue 1).
// Adjunct Lecturer | University of Cincinnati | School of Planning
/// Fall 2020, Fall 2021 | PLAN 2004: Social Structure & Change | Course provides an introduction to urban sociology for 38 first-year undergraduate Students, largely from the School of Planning. This course was designed to highlight how socio-economic and institutional forces influence a place’s development and how (if?) this has changed over the course of the 20th century. Syllabus was entirely re-developed to account for a more urban orientated, as well as 16-weeks of virtual instruction.
/// Summer 2020, Summer 2021 | PLAN 4063: Planning Theory & Ethics | Develop course materials and student assessments and provide primary instruction for a senior-year undergraduate level course in the School of Planning’s Bachelor of Urban Planning Program. The course, attended by 24 Students, provides an overview of planning theory literature focused the need for planning theory(ies), the history and importance of normative and procedural planning theories, and the ways in which planners can be more effective, inclusive, and advocative in their work. This course was taught in a virtual environment, the result of COVID-19 mitigation efforts.
// Teaching Assistant | University of Cincinnati | School of Planning
/// Spring 2020 | PLAN 7002: Structure and Dynamics of Human Settlements | Responsible for general teaching assistance to Dr. Rainier vom Hofe in a first year graduate-level course in the School of Planning’s Master of Community Planning program. The course was attended by 23 students and is designed to introduce students to the theoretical foundations necessary for understanding urban and regional economic growth and development patterns. The course relied heavily upon spatial modeling and techniques that explore social, political, economic, and physical shaping factors.
/// Fall 2019 | PLAN 7001: Cities and Planning | Responsible for general teaching assistance to Dr. Chris Auffrey in a first year graduate-level course in the School of Planning’s Master of Community Planning program. The course was attended by 16 students and is intended to provide a theoretical and practical overview of the planning field’s modern practices; the audience is primarily international students and those without a planning background. Provided administrative support and coordinated group trips to community organizations and the City’s planning department.
/ JUNE 2016 - DECEMBER 2018
// Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Ali Modarres, PhD, Director of Urban Studies | March 2017 - December 2018 | University of Washington Tacoma as part of the South Sound Alliance (SSA) |
/// Primary responsibility was to collect, analyze, and visualize US Census-based socioeconomic and quality of life data for 9 municipalities and 2 counties in the South Puget Sound area. This was accomplished by utilizing ESRI's ArcMap and Microsoft's Power BI softwares to produce maps, graphics, and reports for the numerous economic development boards, organization administrators, and elected officials who are participants in the SSA.
/// Advise and assist incoming successor in the redevelopment and re-imagination of the data portal; provide process and meta-data documentation in order to ensure a successful and organized transition.
// Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Matt Kelley, Associate Professor | December 2016 - June 2018 | University of Washington Tacoma as part of the Action Mapping Project (AMP)
/// Served as the inaugural Project Manager for the Action Mapping Project, a youth-based community mapping program which established GIS Centers in local high schools and deploys Community Mappers, HS students trained to conduct outreach meetings, run surveys, and operate geospatial software, to produce an annual set of maps and data regarding space and pathway utilization within a school's catchment area. Designed programming and developed systems for data management and project tracking, as well as creating informational presentations and booklets for funders, school administrators, teachers, and involved students.
/// Previous project involved working with 120 fourth and fifth grade students from Birney Elementary School (Tacoma WA) in their understanding of place and how they interact with the built school environment. This includes surveying students, creating individual mental / sketch maps, and then collecting, digitizing, and analyzing their work to identify particular architectural characteristics within their school that should be improved or retained for future buildings. This work was done in conjunction with McGranahan Architects.
// Teaching Assistant | Summer 2016 | University of Washington Tacoma |
/// Responsible for providing general teaching support and in-depth GIS knowledge to 28 students in UWT’s entry level GIS course, TGIS 311: Maps and GIS.
/ FEBRUARY 2016 - APRIL 2016 /
// Geospatial Technician (Intern) | Cascadia Subduction Zone Exercise |
/// The Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) earthquake and subsequent tsunami is the most complex disaster scenario facing the Pacific Northwest. Culminating in a 4 day exercise in June, Cascadia Rising was a rehearsal event to train and test the public-private coordination and integration efforts that will be necessary to conduct efficient and effective disaster response. A critical component in this effort is ensuring officials have the most accurate and updated spatial information about the affected areas to make decisions. As a Geospatial Intern, I was part of the Washington National Guard team collecting, analyzing, and providing that data to officials.
/ 2011 - present /
// Junior US Army Officer
/// Over the course of my service, I held a variety of progressively complex leadership and planning positions based upon my operations, logistics, and personnel management abilities. In January 2016 I decided to return to the military and continued my service as the Logistics Manager in an Army Reserve organization until late-2018. I am presently the commander of a 75 Soldier logistics support organization that provides maintenance, bulk fuel, distribution, and feeding support to 400+ combat engineers
/ 2018 - CURRENT
// Doctorate of Philosophy (in progress)
// Regional Development Planning
// University of Cincinnati
/ 2016 - 2018 /
// Master of Arts
// Community Planning
// University of Washington-Tacoma
/ 2015 - 2016 /
// Professional Certificate
// Geospatial Information Systems
// University of Washington-Tacoma
/ 2008 - 2011 /
// Bachelor of Arts
// Modern American History; Geography
// Syracuse University
/// Senior Theses: The Forgotten War: Korea; Syracuse NY Through the Lens of Economic Geography
/ 2003 - 2007 /
// High School Diploma
// Nazareth Area High School
/ 2019 /
// Research presentation at People’s Liberty | 52 Cincinnatis: detailing the transformation of our neighborhoods | Cincinnati OH

/ 2017 /
// Conversations Re: Tacoma, 10 x 10 Series | Public Values in the Public Realm: Futuring the Pacific Avenue Corridor | Tacoma WA
// Community Placemaking Sessions, UW & Tacoma Livable City Year Projects | Neighborhood Placemaking and Engagement Process at 56th || Pacific Economic Vitality at 56th and Pacific || 56th and Pacific Placemaking | Tacoma WA
/ 2020
// P+ARG Biennial Conference, utopia vs. the city | Neighborhood Triage in Cincinnati OH: how metrics of “success” in a shrunken city inform regenerative potentials | Poster | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI
// David J Allor Planning and Zoning Workshop: Cincinnati on the Rise | Cincinnati Neighborhoods on the Rise: You May Be Surprised | Panel Moderator & Presenter | Cincinnati OH

/ 2018 /
// Washington Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Annual Conference | Youth Voice in the Public Realm: the action mapping project | Individual Research Presentation | Olympia WA
// Washington Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Annual Conference | Promoting GIS in K-12 Education | Moderated Panel Participant | Olympia WA

/ 2016 /

// University of Washington Tacoma Urban Studies Department Colloquium Annual Workshop and Poster Session | The Complete Streets Revolution: Evaluating Bikeability and Exploring Access in Tacoma Washington | Poster | Tacoma WA
// Washington Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Annual Conference | The Complete Streets Revolution: Evaluating Bikeability and Exploring Access in Tacoma Washington | Individual Research Presentation | Tacoma WA

/ 2010 /
// Syracuse University Showcase | The Expansion of National Parks and Federal Lands 1872-2009 | Poster | Syracuse NY
/ 2020
// Conference Travel | University of Cincinnati | Graduate Student Government | $200
// Conference Travel | University of Cincinnati | School of Planning | $250
// Ladislas and Vilma Segoe Scholarship | University of Cincinnati | School of Planning | $1000

/ 2018 /
// Graduate Assistantship | University of Cincinnati | School of Planning | Neighborhood Choice Program | $30000
// Graduate Scholarship | University of Cincinnati | School of Planning | Full Funding for PhD program | $30000

/ 2016 /
// Director's Award for Outstanding Research or Project | University of Washington, Tacoma- Urban Studies Department